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Concentration in Global Understanding


The Global Understanding Concentration provides language proficiency and in-depth knowledge of different regions or disciplines. The concentration also expands the horizon of students' educational experience and encourages a new or innovative perspective for students' future professional career. Equipped with language and with a humanistic vision of the world, students are more prepared to immerse with other people and into other societies. The goal is for you to become a global citizen. With a credit load that falls between a minor and a major, the concentration can easily accommodate another concentration or multiple minors within the 120-credit four-year degree program.

Course Rotation

The following schedule of classes is a proposed course rotation and is subject to change.

Summer I            German103: German Civilization (study abroad, taught in English)

                                German257: German Immersion (abroad, taught in German)

                                Phil215: Religions of the World


Summer II           German256: German Civilization II (taught in German)

                                Spanish151: Beginning Spanish I (taught in Spanish)


Summer III          Spanish152: Beginning Spanish II (taught in Spanish)


Fall                         German341: Survey German Literature Mid-18th Century (taught in German)

                                Sociology311: Social Stratification


Winter                  Phil215: Religions of the World


Spring 2014         Spanish304: Latino Cultures in the U.S. 9taught in English)

                                Sociology 325: Middle Eastern Americans and Society


Fall 2014               Spanish 251: Intermediate Spanish I (taught in Spanish, pre-requisite 2-3 years high school English)

                                Spanish103: Hispanic Civilization (taught in English)

                                GU/CMST160: Introduction to Global Understanding


Spring 2015         Spanish 252: Intermediate Spanish II

                                Spanish 302: Popular Culture in Latin America (taught in English)

                                History217: History of West Africa


Admission Requirements

Admission requirements for this program are the same as those for admission to the university. To earn the degree, the student must have a minimum cumulative quality-point average of 2.0 for all course work. Of the 120 credit hours required for the degree, 24 are normally at the 300-level or above.

Students who wish to transfer or who have completed an associate degree program at a regionally accredited community college, college, or university could submit as many as 75 credit hours in transfer toward this degree. A minimum of 45 hours must be completed through Clarion.



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