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Behavioral Assessment Referral Team


Welcome to B.A.R.T.

The Behavioral Assessment and Referral Team (BART) serves to collect information regarding threatening or violent behavior among the campus community. BART assesses the information received and responds to the incident as appropriate.


To assess behaviors of concern of students, faculty,staff, and university-affiliated individuals to determine the level of threatening or violent behavior.

To identify, refer, and/or assist any of these individuals who may be at significant risk to self or others.

To educate the campus community in the identification and referral of these individuals for appropriate services.


  1. Identify.  Often, the accumulation of information identifies a person at risk and the level of risk, therefore, the team services at the conduit for information exchange.

  2. Assess.  If additional information is needed to assess the level of risk, the team is an investigative body charged with gathering relevant and confidential information for the purposes of providing for the safety, security, and well-being of the campus community at large.

  3. Manage.  When determination is made that the person in question is at risk or poses a risk to others, the team recommends and/or implements steps for intervention which may be medical, psychological, judicial, or legal. In many cases, the standing policies and procedures of the university and external agencies dictate intervention strategies.

  4. Reduce.  Violence prevention is best accomplished by stopping the process before it gets started. Addressing minor violations of university policy lowers the risk of aggressive responses and increases the possibility of peaceful solutions.

  5. Educate.  The campus community needs to be educated to identify and refer students, staff, and faculty at risk. In addition, the team must seek educational and professional development opportunities that focus on maintaining a knowledge base of risk indicators and appropriate laws and policies regarding privacy and confidentiality, proper management of information, educated assessment of risk, and intervention services.

BART Brochure

For more information about BART, contact:

Matthew G. Shaffer
Coordinator of Judicial Affairs & Residence Life Education
Office of Judicial & Mediation Services
204 Egbert Hall
Clarion University of Pennsylvania
Clarion, PA 16214
P) 814-393-1918