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My name is Jocelynn Smrekar. I became interested in early childhood education when my own children were young, circumstances I suspect that I share with many other early childhood educators.

I attended Clarion State College (now Clarion University) and began my teaching career as a high school Spanish teacher. After four years of teaching, I began my own family and was fortunate in being able to stay home and enjoy my babies for the next few years.   When they began school, I took a job as a Children and Youth caseworker, where I became known as the early childhood “specialist.”  After 2 and ½ years I decided to go back to college for my Masters degree at Penn State University in Comprehensive Bilingual Early Childhood Education. The Masters degree led me to pursue a Ph.D. at PSU in Curriculum and Instruction with emphasis in Early Childhood Education and a minor in Child Development and Family Studies.

Upon finishing my Ph.D., my family and I moved to South Texas, and I taught at Texas A& M University—Kingsville for four years. You could say that in Texas we got a whole other education due to the cultural diversity!  I moved back to PA in 1998 and I have been teaching early childhood classes at Clarion University ever since.  I still enjoy interacting with students and young children as much as I ever did.

In my spare time, I am a beekeeper, birdwatcher, orchid grower and a singer. I have three dogs and 6 cats too. My three children are grown now. My son who is a librarian is currently in New Zealand, my older daughter who is a biologist works for the National Park Service in Georgia, and my younger daughter is a psychologist. I am looking forward to going to Costa Rica on my Sabbatical leave in 2013-2014. Hopefully, my husband of 37 years will adventurous and join me.