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Physics 461

Professor Legum's Physics 461- Senior Seminar course will be held Wednesdays from 4:00-4:50 in the Science and Technology Center in Room 147. 

Description: PH461 is the "capstone" physics course in the major. It will attempt to connect the different aspects of physics together, and provide experience for finding, reading, condensing, and presenting physics literature and topics. The course will begin with the structure of peer-reviewed journals, how to read peer-reviewed journal publications, and how to write a peer-reviewed journal publication. During the semester, we will review peer- reviewed articles and discuss them on a weekly basis. Attendance is important.

PH-461 Syllabus Spring 2013



Week 3 :: Week 4 :: Week 5 :: Week 6 :: Week 7 (Paper 1)
Week 7 (Paper 2) :: Week 7 (Paper 3)