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Policies and Procedures


Reservation Policies & Procedures for Digital Resources

1.  Digital equipment may be borrowed:

  • By Clarion University faculty for instructional use.
  • For use by staff/faculty during any college sponsored or sanctioned event or University activity including instruction, presentations, research, etc.
  • Equipment for events and other non-instructional activities must be scheduled through the Conference and Event Services office.
  • For a period of up to three days. If a longer check-out is necessary, please make arrangements by contacting the Learning Support Services support staff. The ability to grant a longer check-out is dependent on the availability of and demand for equipment. Maximum loan is 7 days in any circumstance.

All borrowings must be related to valid University activities. 

2.  To borrow equipment:

  • For instructional use, complete the online reservation form at least three days in advance to ensure availability. For all other uses, please contact the Conference and Event Services Office
  • Pick up equipment in G60 Becker at the scheduled time.
  • Hours are M-F from 1:00 - 4:00 p.m. in the fall and spring semesters; Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1:00-4:00 p.m. in the summer and semester breaks; and other times by appointment.
  • Please notify our staff ahead of time if someone other than the person listed on the reservation will be picking up the equipment for you. Equipment will be given out only to that person or the person listed on the reservation form. Students may only checkout equipment if they have a written authorization form completed by the requesting staff or faculty member. For all student equipment checkouts, the responsible party is the staff/faculty member approving the checkout.
  • The person picking up the equipment for you must have a current Clarion University ID card. If a student is picking up equipment for a staff/faculty member, they must present the written authorization form. The staff/faculty member will be listed as the one picking up the equipment.
  • When picking up the reserved equipment, all patrons will complete a checkout form indicating the time of checkout, the return time, the type of equipment being checked out, the location the equipment will be used, and the purpose of the checkout. This form will be retained by Learning Support Services at the time of checkout.
  • Return equipment to G60 Becker at the scheduled time.

3.  Privileges to borrow equipment may be revoked or suspended due to the following:

  • Repeatedly returning equipment late.
  • Returning equipment that is damaged or otherwise not complete or in good condition.
  • Repeatedly not picking up booked equipment.

4.  If any assistance is needed for setting up or using the borrowed equipment, please contact Learning Support Services in G60 Becker or call x2602 during normal office hours.

5.  Costs related to repairs or replacement of damaged equipment that is not covered by warranty will be charged to the department or the person that checked out the equipment. Each checkout item will be reviewed to make sure it includes all necessary pieces (cords, remotes, etc.), both when it is picked up and when it is returned. Any missing parts or equipment is the responsibility of the person who signed the checkout form, or, in the case of students obtaining the equipment for staff/faculty, the approving staff/faculty member. All missing equipment must be replaced at the client's expense in a timely manner.

6.  Violations: Violations are defined as, but are not limited to:

- Late return of equipment

- Failure to properly care for equipment checked out

First Violation: Written warning to the user if equipment is not returned within 24 hours of the due date.

Second Violation: Written warning to user if equipment is not returned within three days of the due date. Further access to equipment is withheld until they contact Learning Support Services and fines may be assessed

Third Violation: If equipment is not returned within a week of the due date, details will be reported to the department chair/supervisor and the user. The user will be banned from further use of the facility for the semester.

Note: After three weeks, failure to return equipment will result in the judgment that the equipment is lost or stolen. The person requesting the equipment will be charged for the replacement cost of the equipment.