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Graduation Application

Applying for Graduation

Students who plan to graduate with an associate, baccalaureate or masters degree need to file an application for graduation the semester before they expect to graduate.

It is important for students to start this process the semester before they expect to graduate so that a preliminary check can be made to determine that all degree requirements will have been completed by the expected graduation term (and to resolve any deficiencies that would delay graduation).

Students receiving a double degree (ex. B.S. and B.S.B.A.) must complete a graduation application for each program.  Students receiving a double major (ex. B.S. in Biology and B.S. in Chemistry) only need to complete one graduation application with signatures from both departments.

Click here for your Graduation Application

Please log into MyClarion and add a diploma name and diploma address in the Personal Information area.  If you do NOT enter a diploma name or diploma address, your primary name will be printed on your diploma and your diploma will be sent to your mailing address. 

You should update your diploma name two months before you expect to graduate so that the commencement program will reflect how you want your name in the commencement program and on your diploma.  Your diploma address can be changed at any time prior to the mailing of diplomas (approximately 6 to 8 weeks after commencement).

Please complete the graduation application and route as follows:

  • Student to Advisor
  • Advisor to department chairperson of minor (if appropriate)
  • Department chairperson of minor to department chairperson of major
  • Chairperson to College Dean
  • College Dean to Graduate Dean (graduate students only)
  • Dean to Office of the Registrar

Filing an application the semester before graduation also provides adequate time for routing the application through the approval process and assures that students will receive appropriate information about the commencement ceremony (academic attire, the program, tickets etc).

Diplomas will be mailed to students who have been cleared for graduation approximately 8 weeks after they are processed.