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The Counseling Services staff are highly trained and here to help students, staff and faculty in a number of ways on any topic.  Counseling sessions can be cover a wide range of topics and deal with individuals to groups. 


Available Options

Career Counseling - Are you or someone you know struggling to find a major? Unsure of what to do or who to talk to about your options? 

Individual - Students, staff and faculty can arrange a one-on-one session with any counselor that is private and confidential.

Couple - Regardless of age, sex or gender, couples can meet in a session to talk about any concern they may have.

Group - Sports teams, fraternities and sororities, clubs, organizations or other groups of any size can arrange to have a counselor meet to talk with them on any topic.

CU Talk - A walk-in student service offered at sites around campus, Monday through Thursday.  You have an opportunity to meet informally with a Student Support Assistant, a trained professional, who provides confidential consultation and support on various issues that you may be dealing with as a student.

Consultation - Counselors are open to help discuss any topic of common interest in the community or general public with any student, staff or faculty members.  If you are not sure if you or someone you know may need counseling, they are available to discuss these concerns.  You also can visit our referral guide.

Presentations - in addition to counseling, the counselors host workshops and programs on a wide variety of topics of student and general public concern. A list of recent and current programs and workshops can be found here and can be arranged for any group or organization's needs.

Self-Help - Students, staff and faculty are welcome to check out books from the Counseling Services library on various topics.  A complete list of books is available online.

Long Distance Learners -  Additional resources for students, staff and faculty who are not located at Clarion's main campus.