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Remove Hidden Data

How to Remove Hidden Data?

Documents often contain hidden data, such as automatically added information about a document's author or its editing history. Office 2007 provides a built-in tool to find and remove this information. This is recommended for documents that will be distributed to the public (e.g., placed on D2L) both to create a more professional document and to ensure that people cannot access sensitive information

Removing Hidden

In order to remove hidden data from a document, the document should first be saved. Some data cannot be replaced after it is deleted, so you may also want to create a backup document, with all the hidden data included for your own reference, before removing the hidden information

  1. Open your saved document

  2. From the Office button, select Prepare >>Inspect Document
    The Document Inspector dialog box appears.

  3. Select the desired option(s)

  4. Click Inspect
    The document is searched for hidden data.  Any data found is mentioned in the appropriate category within the Document Inspector box. 
    WARNING:  Some of this information cannot be restored after being deleted. Be sure to create a backup document before removing any hidden data.

  5. From the appropriate cateogry(ies), click Remove All
    The Document Inspector box indicates whether removal was successful.

  6. To check the document again for hidden data, click Reinspect

  7. To close the Document Inspector, click Close

After going through the process of removing hidden data, you may decide to make more changes to the original document or converted document, and you may want to track your changes. Your document will then need to be inspected again by repeating the steps for removing hidden data.