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President's Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll


Clarion University is applying for the 2014 President's Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll, and we need your service data to achieve this honor. 

The Honor Roll highlights colleges and universities working in communities, solving problems, and supporting ongoing commitments to civic engagement. The Honor Roll recognizes both the amount and depth of service, and places importance on meaningful service that addresses specific needs. We are currently in the collection process for the 2012-2013 academic year.

Building the data collection process for our Honor Roll application is an ongoing effort, and one that we are hoping to improve each year. The application does want to capture the amount of service students are completing, and all co-curricular service hours should be entered in each student's CU Connect account. If a student forgot to enter service time from last year, he or she can go back and add those hours now. This will be the only way that individual hours are validated.

It is also important that our service is addressing real community needs, and that we are learning and growing from the experiences we are sharing with the communities we serve. Meeting meaningful objectives is a huge part of this program. The individual and group service forms give us the opportunity to explore the kinds of service completed by our students, the processes the students use to build those service experiences, and the connections the students are creating and using to achieve their outcomes. This information gets consolidated by our office and submitted in one report, representing the entire University, and specific contact information and private data is not shared.

Collecting Service Data

The 2014 Honor Roll will be announced in March, and selection will be based on service information from the academic year 2012-2013. The application represents service efforts by individuals and by groups, and there is a corresponding form for both. We are seeking information on service performed in academic, co-curricular, and non-university pursuits. Applications are due to the Corporation for National and Community Service in December, and Clarion University service reports should be submitted to by Monday, November 18, 2013.  

Academic or Course Related Service Information

Students who performed service hours related to an academic course should fill out the Academic Service Report form on the right side of this page. Professors who incorporate service in their courses may fill one out for the whole class, estimating the number of hours completed by the students in the class. The staff of the CLI will follow up with any professors on any individual forms completed for academic service hours.

Co-Curricular Service Information for Individuals and Groups

Members of the University community can download the Individual Service Report on the right side of this page, or watch for the CU Connect form in your news feed. The individual form records service completed in and out of class, and outside of University affiliations, such as in accordance with community organizations, churches, and other social commitments.  

Any group who has participated in service may download the Group Service Report here, and student organizations may use the CU Connect option as well. Watch for updates in the the CU Connect newsfeed. Groups who do not have a CU Connect Account and faculty who incorporated service in their courses should use the Group Service Report on this page. 

Exemplary Projects Assess Needs and Achieve Outcomes

In addition to collecting information on the amount of service completed by the Golden Eagle community, our application will highlight three projects that exemplify our institutional commitment to service. Groups who completed projects in the 2012-2013 academic year that have clearly defined goals and measurable outcomes should email their Group Service Report and a brief explanation of how the service connects to the University vision and mission statements. A member of the Center for Leadership and Involvement staff will contact you to provide you with more information on specific program data. 

Detailed descriptions of these programs will be included in the University's Honor Roll application.