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Multidisciplinary Faculty Professional Development Committee Information


Multidisciplinary Department Professional Development Committee is now accepting professional development grant proposals.  Proposals must be received by 3:00 PM - December 2, 2013.  Late submissions and electronic submissions cannot be accepted.  Faculty funded through this opportunity during the last academic year ARE eligible to apply again, IF outstanding final project reports have been submitted to Brenda Dede, 115 Carrier Hall.  Each faculty member is limited to one proposal (either individual or group) annually. 

Awards will be in varying amounts up to $500 for individual initiatives and $700 for group initiatives.  If you received an award during the last academic year and did not use all of the awarded funds, any future award will be reduced by the amount of the un-used funds.  The committee reserves the right to partially fund proposals. 

Proposals may be submitted electronically to:  Wenda L. Strickenberger 

OR delivered to 115 Carrier Hall

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RFP Form for Multidisciplinary Professional Grants