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Dr. Jeanne Slattery, professor of psychology at Clarion University, and Dr. Crystal Park ('85), recently published their chapter, "Spirituality, Emotions, and Physical Health," in The Oxford Handbook of the Psychology of Spirituality and Consciousness.

Slattery and Park have written widely about the roles of meaning and spirituality in mental and physical health and their implications for psychotherapy. In this chapter they examined the ways that religious and spiritual beliefs are implicated in creating, exacerbating or easing problems in physical health, and they discussed ways that knowing and understanding these beliefs can be used to facilitate health and well-being.

In 2011, Brooks/Cole published their book, "Empathic Counseling: Meaning, Context, Ethics, and Skill."

Park, who teaches at the University of Connecticut, received her undergraduate degree in psychology from Clarion University in 1985 and her doctorate from University of Delaware in 1993. She received Clarion University's Distinguished Achievement Award in 1999.

Slattery received her bachelor's degree from Illinois State University and her master's and doctorate from Miami University. She has taught at Clarion University since 1984.

The Oxford Handbook of the Psychology of Spirituality and Consciousness was edited by Lisa J. Miller, and published by Oxford University Press.

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9/24/2012 3:28 PM

Slattery and Park chapter published in Oxford handbook