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We are accepting posters or map presentations for the 2013 NWPA GIS Conference.  The deadline for a poster or a map abstract is on Wednesday September 25, 2013 by 3:00pm via online registration here or email at  Please Note:  The poster can be a map solely, as long as it is poster size (no smaller than 24x36).  It does not have to have a long narrative on the map.  Try not to let the words take away from the visual product, being the map.


Helpful Tips: 

  • Proofread and make sure grammar, spelling and punctuations are used correctly (if narrative is presented) 
  • Visual flow of information and graphics should be logical
  • Text font, size, figures, tables and graphics appropriate, clear and legible from a distance.
  • The color coordination, geometry, accents, highlights, and graphics should have a visual appeal
  • Communication should be effective in that the topic is well defined, appropriate title be used, understandable and concise purpose, problem statement, description, procedures, results, and conclusion. 
  • GIS should be used effectively to portray spatial data in an appropriate state.
  • Be creative by using new and/or innovative ideas.
  • The poster can be a map itself.  There is no need to have a narrative.

 Recommended size of poster is 24 x 36 or larger.  They must be mounted on poster board.  If you should have any problems please contact Arlene Rodriguez at

**Please pick up (either yourself/friend/family or coworker) maps/posters on Friday before noon.  

*If you want to put a map up for display and not participate in the contest please contact Arlene.