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Department of Humanities and Sciences

Associate of Arts in Arts & Sciences

The Associate of Arts is a liberal arts degree program designed to provide students with a range of experiences. This program offers a flexible course of study. It is a great starting point for a wide variety of students including those undecided about a course of study or those who have been out of school for a long period of time. The Associate of Arts degree program provides a general course of study. It allows students to complete the majority of their general education coursework in the classroom or completely online. If a student decides to pursue a Clarion University bachelor's degree, they can apply this coursework toward those degree program requirements. They can attend classes on campus or continue their studies online. Students achieve a smooth transition into the online Bachelor of Science in Liberal Studies degree program that can also be completed online.

Bachelor of Science in Liberal Studies

The Bachelor of Science in Liberal Studies degree program at Venango College can help you earn the degree while exploring a range of academic skills and disciplines, creating your own major in an area of interest you enjoy. You will learn through a blended program of traditional classroom instruction and online courses that offers the best of both worlds to ensure a high quality, personalized educational experience and maximum schedule flexibility.

The Bachelor of Science in Liberal Studies is a great opportunity for students who:

*want to earn a bachelor's degree for career advancement;
*have completed an associate degree at Venango College or another institution of higher education;
*have completed credits toward a bachelor's degree but never graduated. As many as 75 credits may be transferred toward this degree.

Upon successful completion of the 120-credit program, you will earn an Associate of Arts in Arts and Sciences degree and a Bachelor of Science in Liberal Studies Degree. You'll have the freedom to choose from a variety of courses that include writing, math, liberal education, physical/biological science, social/behavioral science, arts/humanities, health and wellness, personal performance, general education, and arts and sciences.

Associate of Science in Criminal Justice

Venango College's criminal justice degree program provides a solid, broad-based education in all five areas that comprise criminal justice education, including policing, juvenile justice, criminology, law adjudication, and corrections.  The Associate of Science in Criminal Justice prepares students solidly to work in these field areas.  This program can now be completed in a classroom setting or completely online.

The program helps students understand criminal behavior, become familiar with important issues concerning the treatment and rehabilitation of criminals, apply the education to their jobs, and be aware of major policies and trends in criminal justice institutions and practices. It is designed to prepare students for entry-level positions within various federal, state and local agencies and for continuing their education in the field. The program is designed with flexibility in mind for students who have job and/or family responsibilities.