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System Requirements: [click here for latest]
License Type: Site License – PA State System of Higher Education
License Valid: June 30th, 2014 - June 30th, 2015
Software Version:  9.01

What is
Mathematica:  “At a superficial level, Mathematica is an amazing, yet easy-to-use calculator. The world's most comprehensive set of mathematical, scientific, engineering, and financial functions is ready-to-use--often with just one mouse click or command. However, Mathematica functions work for any size or precision of number, compute with symbols, are easily represented graphically, automatically switch algorithms to get the best answer, and even check and adjust the accuracy of their own results. This sophistication means trustworthy answers every time, even for those inexperienced with the mechanics of a particular calculation.”

Read more at:



What is Mathematica|Alpha Pro:  "Wolfram|Alpha Pro gives you a whole new way to interact with Wolfram|Alpha—and immediate access to new, more personal, computational knowledge. With this access, you  can visit Wolfram|Alpha from anywhere and take advantage of new features (such as data upload, interactivity, and portability back into Mathematica)."

Read more at:

Interested faculty, staff, and students can go to this link to request a log-in for Wolfram|Alpha Pro:

Note:  Please use your Clarion University school email address as their WolframID.

Mathematica|Alpha Pro FAQs:

             Question:  What web browsers can I use to access Wolfram|Alpha Pro?
             Answer:    Wolfram|Alpha Pro works on all standard modern browsers
                             (IE 7+, Firefox 4+, Safari 5+, Opera 10+, and Google Chrome).

            Question: Can I access Wolfram|Alpha Pro from my mobile device?
            Answer:   Not at this time, but we are working on making Pro accessible via mobile devices.

Mathematica|Alpha Pro Blog:  Announcing Wolfram|Alpha Pro

On Campus Use Only
**(Only for current faculty and staff of Clarion University)

If you wish to have Mathematica installed at your office or lab location please contact the helpdesk at extension x2640 or . Please indicate on your request when and where you would like this installed. A technician will be in touch to coordinate the installation.

Home Use (faculty/staff/students)
** (Only for current students and employees of Clarion University)

Faculty/Staff Home Use:  Please use the following link to begin the Mathematica home use software and registration request process.  NOTE:  On the initial page from the link above simply click the "Continue" button.
If at anytime during the registration/software download process you are asked for your: Organization name or License Number please use the information found below.

Information needed during request/registration process

Organization Name:  Clarion University
License Number:       L3279-6341

Student Home Use:  Please download the "student home use software" (Windows) or (MAC) to your local computer and begin program installation.  You will need to request and install/enter your new 'activation' number which you will receive after completing the Wolfram Mathematica Actiation form.

Information needed during request/registration process

Organization Name:  Clarion University
License Number:       L3279-6347



Mathematica has changed the "Home Use" process and procedures from prior years to help faculty, staff, and students obtain a home use version of their software directly from them at Wolfram Research.

Users of products that require a password instead of an activation key should follow the directions in-product to obtain a new password through our Product Registration and Information Updates page:

Employees with home-use licenses will be sent an email from Wolfram with instructions to extend their licenses.

Existing users whose activation keys are marked as "auto renew" will not need to do anything. Their activation keys will be automatically extended through your next renewal date. Users whose activation keys are not automatically extended will be sent an email with instructions for requesting a new activation key.

If you experience any problems or have any questions about obtaining a home use version please feel free to contact one of our Wolfram/Mathemtica contacts below:

Andy Dorsett

Academic Key Account Manager

Wolfram Research, Inc.

100 Trade Center Drive

Champaign, Illinois 61820

P: 800.965.3726, ext. 3495

F: 217.398.1108


Dave Cheek

Site Specialist

Wolfram Research, Inc.

100 Trade Center Drive

Champaign, Illinois 61820

1-800-965-3726 ext 3415

217-398-0700 ext 3415

Fax: 217-398-1108


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)



Clarion University offers this software as a convenience for home use and cannot guarantee suitability of this product with your home system nor provide technical support on its installation or use. If you have any questions regarding this product or its installation, please refer to Wolfram Research's support web site:

Documentation, guides, and other resources

The Mathematica Book 5th ed. (1,464 page) hard bound reference books are available at the Carlson Library Reference Desk for faculty/staff/student check out.

Getting Started with Mathematica (64 page) paper back reference books are also available at the Carlson Library Reference Desk for faculty/staff/student check out.

On-Line Resources from Wolfram Research's web site:

OnLine System Transfers (ability to move software to another system or reset activation key):

Clarion University's Site Center:

Mathematica Learning Center:

Student Reference Area:

Documentation Center :

The Mathematica Book ”:

Latest version information:

Getting Started with Mathematica ”:

Mathematica - “What's New”:

The Mathematica Journal ”:  Clarion University has free online access to " The Mathematica Journal ." To access " The Mathematica Journal ," simply visit and enter Clarion University's Mathematica site license number. By clicking on the link to " The Mathematica Journal " on this page, you can read the current and past issues.

The Wolfram Mathematica Tutorial Collection is an invaluable aid to your many students and faculty who use Mathematica in their work. This 23-title collection documents the features and capabilities of Mathematica 7--from graphics to data analysis to programming--and can be viewed online, dowloaded as a PDF, or ordered in print:

Users who wish to explore additional resources for learning Mathematica are also invited to check out the Wolfram Mathematica Learning Center. From screencasts to seminars to "How-tos", the Learning Center offers a variety of ways for users to learn the skills they need to make the most of their use of Mathematica: