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If you still need help

  1. Your bill: Contact the Accounts Receivable (Student Accounts) Office at 814-393-1071.

  2. Financial Aid Office: 814-393-2315

  3. Registration: Contact your advisor and then register online. If online registration is not available, contact the Graduate Studies Office at 814-393-2337 or 800-672-7171, option 6.

  4. Advisor: Your admission letter contains the advisor's name, phone number, and e-mail address.

  5. Textbooks: Contact the Clarion University Store (800-394-8825) or your instructor.

  6. E-mail account not working: Contact the Computer Services Help Desk (814-393-2640).

  7. Desire 2 Learn (D2L) assistance: Contact D2L Help at 877-325-7778.

  8. Transcripts: Contact the Registrar's Office at 814-393-2229.

  9. Graduate Studies Office: 814-393-2337 or 800-672-7171, option 6.

  10. Student ID card: Contact the Residence Life Services at 814-393-2352.

  11. Parking permit: Contact the Public Safety Office at 814-393-2111.