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You have been assigned a faculty advisor to help you plan your program of study and be sure you are on track for the completion of your degree. Your advisor's name, telephone number, and e-mail address were included in your official admission letter.

You should consult with your advisor prior to registering for classes each term to insure that you develop a coherent program of study.


Whether you are an on campus or online student you need to become familiar with The Registrar's Office web page.  The registrar's office provides you with the following important information:

Registration Information

Related Information

Financial Aid

  1. Check your department's homepage for information on available graduate scholarships and assistantships.

  2. Check the two Websites for general financial aid information and for specific information on graduate assistantships.

Paying Tuition and Fees

Your tuition and fees are determined by your student status (in-state, out-of-state/international), the number of courses you are taking, and how you are taking them (on-site, interactive video, online). Click here to learn more about graduate tuition and fees.

In all cases, you will be billed by the Accounts Receivable (Student Accounts) Office and you may pay your bill by check or credit card either in person at Student Accounts (B-16 Carrier), by mail, by telephone (814-393-1071, credit card only), or using MyClarion  (credit card only).

Special  Needs

If you are a student with a documented disability and require accommodations in order to complete the requirements of a course, you need to inform the instructor as soon as possible. All students that require accommodations must be registered with the Office of Disability Support Services (DSS) on campus. This office will assist you in providing the appropriate verification of the requested accommodations. To register with DSS or for more information, contact Jennifer May (814-393-2095 or

Please note that faculty members are not required to provide accommodations unless they have been informed of your needs by DSS.