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Secondary Education Biology


Secondary Education

Baccalaureate programs leading to certification in secondary education (7-12) are available in biology, chemistry, communication arts, earth science, English, French (K-12), general science, mathematics, physics, social studies, and Spanish (K-12). Each program is designed to provide students with a thorough foundation in the teaching specialty and with the professional skills needed to work effectively with adolescents in a variety of learning environments.


General Education

Secondary education students fulfill the general education requirements of the university. However, within certain majors there may be slight deviations from the pattern presented, and secondary students should check with the departmental office of the discipline in which they are majoring to ascertain any variations.  Two college-level English (composition/literature) and math courses are required.


Professional Education Core Requirements (36 credits):

ED 110, 122, 217, 225, 327, 329, ED xxx (Methods in specific discipline), ED 424, 425, and SPED 418. 


Secondary Certification Specialization 

Secondary education majors may choose areas of specialization from the following programs. A grade of C or better is required for each course in the major area of specialization.

Biology (38 semester hours)

Required Courses: BIOL 155, 165, 156, 166, 201, 202, 203, 382, 476, CHEM 154, 164, 254, 264.

Electives (two required), BIOL 341 and 405 recommended.

Prior to registration the student's advisor will approve courses taken as biology electives.

In meeting general education requirements, the distribution in natural sciences and mathematics may be met with supplemental courses from the field of specialization. It is recommended the quantitative reasoning requirement be met by MATH 221 and the mathematics competency be met by MATH 171 or higher.  Students should note no more than one non-laboratory elective may be included in credits for the biology specialization.  Proficiency in earth science, Physics I or II, also required.