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The Clarion University Office of Finance and Administration has provided an update on the major construction projects underway at Clarion University.

Pedestrian advisory:  With the beginning of a new academic year, people take shortcuts to save time. This includes walking on the road next to construction sites rather than on sidewalks or crosswalks. This is dangerous under the best of circumstances, but more so with the additional vehicles brought by a heightened level of construction activity. Don’t take chances, take a few extra minutes and walk in authorized pedestrian pathways around construction sites and elsewhere on campus.

Venango Campus – Venango Pond

The East End Pond is progressing with minor delays. The grating and sleuth gate have been installed, but the grate for drainage is late in arriving. As a result, the pond’s water level currently remains at the three-foot mark. The conduit for lighting and top soil are ready to be installed and foundation designs for the gazebo, bridge and clock have been finalized with construction planned to start within the week.

Venango Campus – Frame and Rhodes Locker Room

The locker room in Rhoades and the rest rooms in Frame are progressing at a steady pace.  Plumbing drains are being installed, an electrical panel moved and new lights installed in the gym, with painting soon to start. There will be some lead time needed to receive the tile for the locker rooms. This may delay the finished work, but should not interfere with use of the facilities.

Clarion Campus – South Campus Parking Lot

Contractors have sent the PA-One-Call notices, required on all construction involving excavating to mark the location of any underground installations, which may be in the construction area. The electrical contractor is scheduled to begin the field installation and the general contractor is purchasing sanitary manholes and piping and will begin the relocation of the sanitary line from the Recreation Center to the collection manhole near Wilson Avenue. The general contractor is expected to begin field construction the week of September 8.

Pedestrian/vehicular traffic and safety:  Because of the need to work into the roadway south of Gemmell Student Center, access to this road is restricted to delivery vehicles only. 

Dining Hall

All of the windows are installed except for one that needs to be replaced due to damage in shipping. All shingles have been installed and concrete pours are finished with the exception of the curb and sidewalks. Paving of areas that have been disturbed is scheduled for either August 29 or September 5.

 Pedestrian/Vehicular traffic and safety:  One-way traffic is still in effect for the roadway between Carrier and the new dining-hall and construction equipment is still very active. Do not drive east on this roadway and do not walk in this or any other campus roadways.

Science-Technology Building

The contractor began installing permanent windows this week. Brick installation and cleaning has continued however recent PennDOT code changes have delayed opening of the bus turn-off, until required modifications can be made. For the interior, drywall finishing (taping, spackling, and sanding) continued on the east section 2nd floor this week. The piping installation and insulation continued ahead of the drywall installation on the 3rd floor. Weather has been a major factor precluding more exterior progress with rain beginning on Thursday and forecasted for the Monday holiday. 

On-Campus Residences

Interior painting on Building #1 is finishing on the 3rd floor and will continue on the 4th floor next week. Finishing the 4th floor completes the major painting for the interior of Building #4. Vinyl floor tile installation remains ahead of the plumbing fixture installation on both buildings with the plumbing fixture installation is approximately one-third complete for the project.

Carpeting will begin arriving the first week in September with installation scheduled to begin shortly following arrival. The interior doors are scheduled for arrival over a seven-week period starting the week of September 1-5 and installation of the doors will follow carpet installation.  Work, including grading and siding on the exterior of both buildings is also nearing completion.  Weather will continue to be the major factor for the completion of all exterior work but both buildings remain on schedule.

 More Information

More information about construction can be found in the minutes of the regular meetings of the Facilities Planning Committee and Parking Committee, provided below:

             Facilities Planning:


Naming Opportunities Available

Naming opportunities are available for projects. For additional information about supporting Clarion’s building program, contact Jean Wolf, associate vice president for development, at (814) 393-2572.

8/29/2008 3:59 PM

Construction update 9-1