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The Department of Biology offers students several degree options depending on interest and long-term career goals.  Four Bachelor of Science degrees are offered: biology, environmental biology, medical technology, and molecular biology/biotechnology. The major requirements for all degrees are similar in the first two years, allowing students to switch between degree options and to readjust career objectives. All degrees are designed to prepare the student for success in the job market or pursuing advanced studies. For those students interested in a career in teaching, the Biology Department offers a secondary education-biology degree and a secondary education-general science degree through the Department of Education. Also available is a Teaching Certificate in Environmental Education for grades K-12.

The Biology Department offers a variety of programs in the health careers including pre-medical, pre-veterinary, pre-chiropractic, and pre-dental. The necessary training to pursue other careers in the health sciences is also available through the Pre-Professional Program. Students more interested in ecology may choose the ecology and evolutionary biology concentration within the biology B.S. degree, or they may choose from concentrations in terrestrial ecology or freshwater ecology within the environmental biology degree.  

Two minors, with options in either molecular/Cellular/Organismal Biology or ecology/evolutionary biology are available to non-majors interested in a more in-depth study of these aspects of biology. There is also an opportunity for students to continue their education within the Biology Department by pursuing a Master of Science degree in biology. There are thesis and non-thesis options as well as an environmental science concentration offered cooperatively through both the Department of Biology and the Department of Anthropology, Geography, and Earth Science (AGES). Whatever the degree or interest, the faculty in the Biology Department are committed to helping students reach their professional goals.

Clarion students can receive a Bachelor of Science in one of six programs or concentrations:


Molecular Biology and Biotechnology

Environmental Biology

Biology with a concentration in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Medical Technology

Secondary Education Biology