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Article 42 - Distance Education

What are the definitions of distance education and of online classes?

"Distance Education is defined as instruction where the FACULTY MEMBER(S) and the student(s) are separated geographically so that face-to-face communication is absent; communication is accomplished instead by one or more technological media."

"For purposes of compensation, online/web-based distance education courses must have (80%) of the course instruction delivered online."

APSCUF / PASSHE collective bargaining agreement Article 42.B

What is the compensation for teaching on the Virtual Campus?

Faculty receive additional compensation for developing or re-developing online classes and are also paid for each student in an online class.  Details of the compensation are provided in the APSCUF / PASSHE collective bargaining agreement Article 42.

What are the preparation requirements to teaching on the Virtual Campus?

- To teach on the Virtual Campus, under Article 42 of the Faculty Collective Bargaining Agreement the following procedures now apply.

Article 42 C.2.

Faculty who have not taught an online course (80% or more online) before must complete the online Teaching with D2L(Desire 2 Learn) training prior to teaching an online coursefor the first time.  Faculty who have not taught ITV before must complete two hours of individualize instruction by the Distance Education staff.

Faculty who have taught online at another university must complete the training at Clarion University.

Article 42.H.6.a.

Faculty may be required to teach the online course a total of four times - the first time and three (3) additional times during the next four (4) year period.  That decision will be made by the dean of the college upon recommendation of the Department Chair and in consultation with the Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs.