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Strategic Directions


Clarion University adopted new mission and vision statements, as well as affirmed our core values in the spring of 2012.  The entire suite of strategic directions documents is presented below.  In addition, the university has approved four strategic goals to guide the university's planning efforts for 2012-2017.  Annual updates on the institution's progress towards these goals will be provided on this website.

Triangle Strategic Directions

Strategic Directions Flipbook



Mission:  Clarion University of Pennsylvania provides transformative, lifelong learning opportunities through innovative, nationally recognized programs delivered in inclusive, student-centered environments.

Vision:  Clarion University will be a leader in high-impact educational practices that benefit students, employers and community partners.

Core Values:  Students, faculty, staff and alumni of Clarion University value learning, accomplishment, encouragement, diversity, civility, civic engagement, and public higher education.

Core Attributes of Clarion University:  Core attributes define the fundamental characteristics of Clarion university, shard by all students, faculty, and staff.  Through our attributes, we tell others who we are as an institution.

  • Clarion University is a student-centered institution.
  • Clarion University is a comprehensive, high-achieving institution.
  • Clarion University has an interpersonal character conducive to learning.
  • Clarion University is an engaged institution.
  • Clarion university is ideally located.

Reasons to Believe in Clarion University:  While attributes define Clarion University, our actions provide individuals and organizations with reasons to invest their time, energy, and resources at the institution.  These actions are the basis for students, employers, and community partners to believe in Clarion University.

  • Student Success - CU students succeed in college as well as in their careers beyond the classroom thanks to the marketable skills they learn at Clarion.
  • Quality - CU leads the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education in program accreditations.
  • Opportunities - CU provides over ninety degree and certificate opportunities through face-to-face and online delivery methods.
  • Unique Culture of Learning - CU believes in the potential of every student, and strives to help them achieve their academic and career goals.
  • Economic Impact - CU accounts for an estimate annual economic impact of nearly $300 million in the surrounding region and commonwealth.

Defining Clarion University as a Publicly Engaged Institution:  Public engagement describes the numerous ways in which the work and expertise of Clarion university's employees and students can be shared with the public with the goal of generating mutual benefit.

  • Clarion University strives to create mutually beneficial relationships with our community partners.
  • Through our teaching we promote learning beyond our campuses.
  • Through our research we promote the practical application of knowledge throughout the region.
  • Through our service we benefit society.


Clarion University will:

Encourage student, faculty and staff success.

  • Admit, retain and graduate students
  • Prepare students for employment
  • Infuse high impact practices
  • Grow nationally recognized programs
  • Encourage the professional development of faculty and staff

Create equitable, diverse environments.

  • Promote a diverse student body and employee workforce
  • Value the inclusion and experiences of all students and employees

Expand our engagement with society.

  • Align knowledge and resources with community partners' needs
  • Promote community service and volunteerism among students, faculty and staff
  • Serve as an economic engine to the region

Thrive financially

  • Ensure optimal stewardship of resources
  • Expand enrollment
  • Undertake a comprehensive capital campaign