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Dr. Jeanne Slattery, professor of psychology at Clarion University, presented a full-day continuing education workshop on "Spirituality and Trauma: Clinical and Community Interventions" at the annual meetings of the American Psychological Association. She presented with Crystal L. Park, associate professor of psychology at University of Connecticut, and Jamie D. Aten, assistant professor of psychology at University of Southern Mississippi. Park is 1984 Clarion alumna from Brookville, and a former Distinguished Alumna.


Park discussed the meaning making process, how it influences and is influenced by spirituality, and how meaning is changed by trauma. Slattery discussed ways to intervene with trauma in psychotherapy using spiritually-informed interventions. Aten talked about ways

that he worked with the African American churches in Mississippi to assist in the post-Katrina recovery.


8/26/2008 10:43 AM

Slattery presents at American Psychology Association