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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What are Eagle Dollars?

A pre-paid purchase plan using your student ID as a debit card.

Q. How do I open an Eagle Dollars account?

Complete and return the application with a minimum deposit of $25 to open the account. Funds are available immediately when paid at the ID office. 

Two value stations, located in the lower level of Gemmell Student Center across from Gemmell Grind and Level A Carlson Library, can be used to add Eagle Dollars to a current student or employee account. Additions of $1, $5, $10, and $20 can be added an any combination of "bills" with a maximum amount of $50. No change can be distributed from the station.

Q. Will my funds roll over from one semester to the next?

Yes, funds will be available as long as you are enrolled at Clarion University.

Q. How do I get a refund of unused Eagle Dollars if I withdraw or graduate?

Refunds must be requested in writing at the Center for Residence Life Services, 236 Egbert Hall or email: within 30 days of withdrawal or graduation.

Q. How can I check my balance?

1) Balances will be listed on each receipt; 2) through the online system ManageMyID; 3) contact the Center for Residence Life Services in 236 Egbert Hall.

Q. What if I lose my ID? Will someone else be able to use my money?

Yes, therefore students should immediately report lost ID cards at the ID office in Egbert Hall where they will be invalidated. Replacement IDs are available at the ID office Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. at a cost of $25.

Q. Can I get a statement of my account?

Account statements can be review through the ManageMyID system or contact the Center for Residence Life Services.