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Community Service Work-Study Program

Clarion University's Community Service Work-Study Program (CSWP) is administered by the Career Development Center. Student positions are with community organizations that are designed to improve the quality of life for community residents or to solve problems related to their needs. These positions are off-campus and at sites that focus on health care, child care, literacy training, education and tutorial services, welfare, social services, public safety, recreation, rural development or community improvement.

The CSWP is not the same as on-campus employment in auxiliary services (dining hall, residence halls, recreation center) or university offices.

These positions are designed to provide students with work-learning experience related to their major and career goals. Students who meet CSWP eligibility criteria are provided with applications. Vacancies are announced on Clarion Career Connection by the third week of the each academic semester or as vacancies occur.

Information for Students Seeking Employment in the CSWP program

Interested students can determine their eligibility for the CSWP program by reviewing the following information:

Information for Students Newly Hired or Rehired in the Community Service Off-campus Federal Work-Study Program

The following resources are for students who have been offered a CSWP position by the Career Development Center: