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The Clarion University Office of Finance and Administration has provided an update on the major construction projects underway at Clarion University.

Dining Hall

All but a few of windows are in place, with the framework complete in all areas. The sanitary sewer has been installed and paving on 9th and Merle should take place in the next day or two. Kitchen equipment is arriving and being installed (hood exhausts, pizza oven, etc.). Water retainage is in place, line sets for the AC unit installed, and all contractors are on schedule.

Pedestrian/Vehicular traffic and safety: One-way traffic is still in effect for the roadway between Carrier and the new dining-hall and construction equipment is still very active. Do not drive east on this roadway and do not walk in this or any other campus roadways.

Science-Technology Building

Brickwork on the northeast corner and half of the west end has been completed, the brick is being washed and the window frame installation is scheduled to begin next week. The brick installation on the northwest section of the building front, facing Greenville Ave., is underway. Interior work on the east section of the building is moving along with the drywall installed on the 1st and 2nd floors. Drywall installation on the 3rd floor, east section will begin on Monday. Piping in the mechanical room continued this past week and each week brings added progress. On Monday, August 18 the switch from temporary power to permanent power occured and the building infrastructure will supply the electrical energy to continue this installation.

On-Campus Residences

Building #1 and #4 drywall is complete and interior painting is continuing. Vinyl floor tile installation has begun in the mechanical and electrical rooms for both buildings. The elevators for each building are operational and are being used for the construction effort. Masonry entrances are close to completion and the final grade at the roadway and the installation of the sidewalk in front of Building #4 is planned for next week. Continued work on the exterior of Building #1 next week will open the way for roadway final grading and sidewalk installation in this area. Both buildings are on or ahead of schedule.

Venango Campus – Venango Pond

Tests of progress to date show that the pond work has proceeded as designed and meets DEP requirements. Work continues on both ends of the pond with the conduit duct bank in place at the spill way and riprap being installed at the breast of the dam. Trenching for lights will start within the week.

Venango Campus – Rhoades Locker Room

Demolition is still in progress on the locker rooms and rest rooms with some plumbing being tied back in as underground drains are found. Electrical demolition is ongoing and old ductwork has been removed and will be reinstalled as the rebuild takes place.

More Information

More information about construction can be found in the minutes of the regular meetings of the Facilities Planning Committee and Parking Committee, provided below:

Facilities Planning:


Naming Opportunities Available

Naming opportunities are available for projects. For additional information about supporting Clarion’s building program, contact Jean Wolf, associate vice president for development, at (814) 393-2572.

9/19/2008 10:58 AM

Construction update 8-19