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Dr. Frank Vento


Frank J. Vento, Ph.D.

  • 1986. University of Pittsburgh, Soils Geology, Gemorphology, Geoarchaeology, Cultural Resource Management

  • Dr. Vento has successfully completed over $6 million in grants and contracts for such groups as the National Park Service, U.S. Forest Service, and Pennsylvania Bureau for Historic Preservation, Baltimore and Pittsburgh District Corps of Engineers, Maryland Highway Administration, numerous Engineering and Geotechnical Consulting firms and various local, state and federal agencies. He also presently serves as a state-wide geologist for the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.

  • Dr. Vento's research focuses primarily on fluvial geomorphology (genetic stratigraphy) and the effects of climate on fluvial systems (soils development, terrace formation) and in turn, the potential for the burial of archaeological resources. His research centers extensively on the eastern U.S. Coastal Plain, Appalachian System, and Caribbean and most recently in the Upper Orinoco River Valley, Venezuela and the Sieve, Ombrone, Garigliano and Simeto River Valleys, Italy. 

Dr. Vento's Spring 2013 Schedule:

ES 111:C01 -- Basic Earth Science:  TR 9:30-10:45

ES 111:C02 -- Basic Earth Science:  TR 11:00-12:15

ES 255:C01 (Lecture) -- Geomorphology:  TR 12:30-1:45

ES 255:C01 (Laboratory) -- Geomorphology:  T 3:30-4:45