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Applicants must submit at least three current faculty and/or professional recommendations following the options below.  Non-waiver of rights of access is not prejudicial to the application.  References should be from individuals familiar with you as a student.  If you cannot access such individuals, seek references from individuals for whom you have worked.

MBA applicants should seek references from professors and employers.  Students who have graduated from Clarion University with a baccalaureate degree in communication sciences and disorders (CSD) within the last 10 years do not need to provide letters of recommendation in order to apply to the speech language pathology graduate programs


1.  Download and print forms

Download and print 3 copies of the Recommendation Form.  Applicants must use only this form.  Access information must be completed first.  Send the Recommendation Forms to your evaluators for completion.  Completed forms must be signed by the evaluator and placed in a sealed envelope with the evaluator's signature and a piece of tape across the seal and signature.  The evaluators mail the form to:

     Graduate Programs
     Clarion University of Pennsylvania
    131 Harvey Hall
     840 Wood Street
     Clarion, PA  16214

These envelopes must remain sealed until their arrival at the Graduate Studies Office.  If the seal/tape is broken or there is no signature of the evaluator the recommendation will not be accepted.

2.  Use Interfolio

Applicants collect letters of recommendation through their Interfolio account and electronically submit recommendations directly to the graduate program using the Clarion University Recommendations option.  Recommenders mail or upload recommendations directly into your Interfolio account for you to submit at your convenience. (This is a paid service provided by an outside company.  There will be a $25.00 charge to set up your account and send us your recommendations.)