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Clarion University College of Business Administration announces that its industrial relations major fully aligns with criteria established by the Society for Human Resource Management's "HR Curriculum Guidebook and Templates," which defines the content areas that should be studied at undergraduate and graduate levels. SRHM is the largest professional organization for human resources managers.

Obtaining this recognition involved an elaborate study of the curriculum that started in November of 2010. Administrative science professors Gustavo Barboza, Ning Chen, Tony Johns, Miguel Olivas-Luján and Chad Smith, and economics professor Lynn Smith, verified that the coursework required of industrial relation majors included all the guidelines and recommendations made by SHRM's Academic Initiative. The Academic Initiative defines human resources education standards taught in university business schools and helps universities develop degree programs that follow these standards. SHRM confirmed the recognition in April, and it is valid until December 2013.

The recognition is important for both students and employers interested in human resource management. Clarion's industrial relations majors learn about professional management of employees and how to maintain compliance with human resources legislation. Throughout the world, only about 200 educational institutions have programs acknowledged by SHRM as being in alignment with its suggested guidelines and templates.

Companies in need of well-trained professionals are reassured that Clarion's industrial relations major surpasses the minimum content areas recommended by SHRM. Professors in the administrative science department are often able to identify the students with the highest potential for these positions.

To provide opportunities to enhance leadership and administrative abilities, Clarion University invites students of any major to join its SHRM student chapter, where they can serve as an officer and participate in local, regional and national events. Student chapter members have access to most of the services that professional SHRM membership provides. To join, email Dr. Miguel R. Olivas-Luján, chapter advisor at Clarion and a member of the international SHRM's Global Expertise Panel. Senior Rachel Slater is president.

SHRM, formerly called the American Society for Personnel Administration, was founded in 1948. Today SHRM includes a global membership of more than 250,000. The society has members in 140 countries and offices in India and China.

Clarion University College of Business Administration is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business.

Clarion University is the high-achieving, nationally recognized, comprehensive university that delivers a personal and challenging academic experience.

9/16/2011 10:32 AM

Clarion University industrial relations major earns alignment recognition