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Anthropology Mission Statement


     Anthropology explores what it means to be human. Students at Clarion who major in anthropology or who enroll in anthropology general education courses gain a holistic, comparative understanding of human biological and cultural similarities and differences in all places and all times. The expansive, integrated nature of anthropology makes it extremely relevant to learning about important contemporary human issues such as human evolution, cultural diversity, heritage protection, globalization, and cultural survival.

     Anthropology is composed of four traditionally recognized subfields: anthropological archaeology, biological anthropology, socio-cultural anthropology, and linguistic anthropology. The mission of the Anthropology program at Clarion University is to provide students with training in all four sub-disciplines. The program is linked to several other departments on campus, allowing students to pursue a range of interests. The program, through its cross-disciplinary curriculum and its emphasis on practical training, prepares students for a broad array of both public and private sector employment in anthropology related fields or for entrance into graduate school.