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Departmental Mission Statement


     The Department of Anthropology, Geography and Earth Science seeks to help each student develop a life-long enthusiasm for learning. Despite the disciplinary diversity within the department, common goals and values are central to the Departmental mission. First, students should appreciate the value of scientific thinking concerning both the natural environment and the human world; the discipline of a reasoned and evidentiary approach will be valuable throughout their lifetime. Second, students should develop a broad sense of cultural and international understanding.  As a multi-disciplinary department we are particularly concerned that our students see problems, issues, and solutions from many perspectives, recognizing the interrelated complexity of natural and human systems. We are further committed to providing our students with the opportunity to gain the most up-to-date technical skills available. Our goals, therefore, are not simply to impart knowledge, but to help each student develop a habit and a commitment to continuous learning that will enable them to adjust to the quickening pace of societal and ecosystem change and become good citizens.

     While our basic mission applies to teaching in both general education and in our major programs, the latter have more specific missions. The Department offers degree programs in Anthropology (B.A. and Minor), Geology (B.S.), Environmental Geoscience (B.S.), Secondary Education Earth and Space Science (B.S.), a Minor in Geography, a Minor in Geographic Information Science (GIS), in addition to supporting a Geography concentration in the Liberal Studies degree program.

     The AGES Department also houses the Terra Club and the GIS Club.