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Student Newsletter Winter 2012-13

Topics include: Que Pasa?
  Is a Health Care Career for You?
  10 Growing Health Careers: All in Under Two Years
  Career in the Spotlight: Communication Science Disorders - an Interview with Molly Smathers

Student Newsletter Winter 2011

Topics include: College Academic Vocabulary
  Keeping Up With the Joneses
  Emerging Careers, 10 New Jobs for the Future

Student Newsletter Fall 2011

Topics Include: Talent Search Funded
  Taking Notes - The Cornell Method
  Study Help Apps

Student Newsletter Spring 2011

Topics include: Coursework for Maximum Opportunity
  Second Language Study
  Green Careers
  Build a Resume for Life - An Activity Resume
  Crazy Careers
  Discovering Your Niche*
  Career Portfolio: Working on Your List
  Top 10 Most Secure Jobs of 2011
  Career Planning Websites
  Smart Career Profiles

Student Newsletter Fall 2010

Topics include: Educational Talent Search Receives Funding
  Financial Aid - Know it Now!
  Essay Writing Made Simple
  The MS Word Tutorial
  Computer Tips
  Shooting for As
  Murders, Mysteries, and Mayhem
  Ace with Grace
  The Dreaded SAT
  Ten "Googling" Tips
  Attention Senior!

Student Newsletter Spring/Summer 2010

Topics include: Making the Most of Summer Vacation
  Get SMART (Photos)
  A "Novel"Way to Build Vocabulary
  College Vocabulary 101
  Ten Tuition Free Colleges and Universities
  Summer Snacks
  The Reading Challenge!
  Printz Winners
  Quote of the Day!
  Career in the Spotlight: Chiropractic Medicine
  Tips for Summer Employment

Student Newsletter Winter 2009/10

Topics include: Welcome Back
  Openings Still Available - FSA
  Happiness - It's a Decision
  To "Be" or Not to "Bee"
  The Education Highway
  "Rocking" The Education Highway
  Lessons and Insights From Wendy's Dave Thomas
  Go for the Goal!
  Versus: Public vs. Private

Student Newsletter  Spring/Summer 2009

Topics include:  Savings Account Plan - Grants Available
  Privacy on Facebook
  Geocaching for "Newbies"
  Tips for Writing Recommendation Letters
  Got Scoop? Informational Interviewing
  Tech Tips
  Who Said That?
  Saving Nickels & Dimes and a Whole Lot More
  College Admission Criteria
  Versus (ACT and SAT)
  Successful People (Seven Habits)

Student Newsletter Fall 2008

Topics include: Welcome Back!
  More Web 2.0
  Dual Enrollment
  YES- Young Epidemiology Scholars Competition
  Developing a Career Portfolio
  How Do You Spell Relief? B-R-E-A-T-H-E
  Healthy Teens 202: fall into Fitness
  What I Learned from Dr. Seuss...
  The Wizard of Ed
  Versus (MySpace-Facebook)
  Harrisburg 2008

Student Newsletter Spring 2008

Topics include: The Value in Volunteering
  The Youth Philanthropy Project
  Smart Spaces: Designing Great Study Spaces
  Health 101:Nutritional Trivia
  Organizational and Space Saving Tips
  ASVAB Preparation
  Finals Frenzy
  What is the ASVAB?
  Fee Waivers
  Got Talent? Photo

Student Newsletter Fall/Winter 2007

Topics include: 
Random Acts
  Web 2.0
  Working the A's Off
  National Museum of the American Inidian
  Top Jobs for the Young
  The Juggling Act:   Finding Balance
  People to People
  Selecting a College

Student Newsletter Spring 2007

Topics Include:   
On the Run? On a Budget? Healthy Snacks
  Fun 'n Fit
  Tips on Improving Your Memory
  Reading Comprehension
  Do Deter
  What to Write - Essay Tests
  Pick Your Poison - A, B, C
  YALSA - Top Ten
  Steps to Be Successful in Class
  SAT Vocabulary
  Test Anxiety
  Seven Gifts

Student Newsletter Fall 2006 (PDF)

Topics Include: Listserv, Homepage, and Now a Blog?
  Academic Competitiveness Grant
  Preparing a Bibliography
  Keys for Building Good Study Habits
  ETS Trip to Washington DC
  Do You Know a Cyber Bully
  Important Skills for Everyone
  Outstanding and Job Well Done

 Student Newsletter Summer 2006 (PDF)

Topics Include: Zen and the Art of Journling
  Sexual Violence - Get the Facts Straight (PASSAGES)
  Top Games of 2006
  Career Spotlight - Professional Coach
  What I Did (to do) on My Summer Vacation

Parent Newsletter Winter 2005/2006 (PDF)

Topics Include:                    Can a Person Under 21 get Money for School on Their Own
  Caution Teen at the Wheel
  Cookin' in Your Neighborhood
  How to Talk to Your Child About Drugs
  Get Involved:  Volunteer
  Community Youth Volunteer Program of Venango County
  "Speak" Up for Teens
  Megan's Law
  Promote Computer Safety

Fall 2005 Student Newsletter (PDF)

Topics Include: A New School Year:  A New Beginning
  Tips for Making a Good First Impression
  Walking for Fitness
  Job Well Done - Director's Awards
  Career in the Spotlight - Technology
  The Apprentice - In Review
  Ideas to Start the New School Year Right
  ETS in Washington DC:  Take Two
  Outstanding - ETS Award Winners

Spring 2005 Parent Newsletter (PDF)

Topics Include: Identifying Interests/Helping Your Child
  Adolescents and Depression
  Great Ways to Start Your Kids' Day
  Truancy: A National Problem
  The Parent Time Factor
  Turn Anger into Teaching
  Getting Prepared for College! Is Middle School the Beginning?

Fall 2004 Parent Newsletter (PDF)

Topics Include: Instant Messaging
  Math Intimidating
  PheaaMentor No More
  Saving Tips for Parents
  Teens and Job Safety
  What Do You Stand For?

Available on-line: Fall 2004 Student Newsletter (PDF)

Topics Include: Career in the Spotlight - Pharmacy
  Classroom Behavior
  Everything I Needed to Know I Learned from Star Wars
  03-04 Outstanding ETS Participation Awards

Winter 2004 Student Newsletter (PDF)

Topics Include: Bullying
  Career in the Spotlight - Stylist
  Dating Relationships
  Homework Blues - Get On-line
  New SAT Writing Component
  Writing the College Application Essay
  What Do You Stand For?