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Student Clicker Information


Purchasing Your Clicker

Students will be able to purchase their NXT ResponseCards from the Clarion University Bookstore. Professors using the clickers will have them listed as required materials for the course.

Registering Your Clicker

Before you can use your NXT ResponseCard, you will have to register it with TurningTechnologies.

1. Visit the clicker registration page.

2. Enter the required information into the designated fields. Click Next.

IMPORTANT!  The Other Info box is a required field.

Replace the "s" in front of the first part of your Clarion username with a 25. 

Note:  Your Clarion username is the user account that you use to login to MyClarion and D2L -- not your email account.

Ex: 25_username   (DO NOT include

i.e. If a student's username was 's_jtsmith', the student would enter 25_jtsmith in the Other Field.



3. Enter the instructor's email address and select Display Classes.


4. The instructor's classes will be listed in the left column. To be added to their class roster(s), select the class(es) from those listed in the left column.

5. Click Add. The classes you selected will now appear in the right column.

Note: If you accidentally add the wrong class, select the class and click Remove.

6. Click Complete Registration.

Note: You can complete steps 3-6 for classes with other instructors.

Using Your Clicker

Now that you have registered your clicker, you are ready to start using the device. For information on how to use the clicker and its various features, please view the NXT User Guide.


Q: Where can I purchase a student response card?

A: You can purchase the NXT ResponseCard at the Clarion University bookstore.

Q: What kind of batteries does the NXT card use?

A: The card requires 2 AAA batteries.

Q: My response card is not working. What should I do?

A: This answer depends on the following:

If your card never worked, return it the bookstore.

If your card was working but has since stopped, try the following:

Take the batteries out and put them back in. If necessary, replace the batteries. If changing the batteries does not fix the problem and you purchased the clicker at the Clarion University bookstore, take the response card and your receipt to the bookstore for a replacement.

Q: I can't give answers in class. What do I need to do?

A: Check to see if your response card is on the correct channel.

Press the channel button. Enter the channel number and press the center button. This button is located in the middle of the directional arrows.

Q: My professor says that my card ID is not showing on the Participation list.

A: Make sure that you have registered your card on the Web Registration site for that professor's class. Your device ID is located on the back of the device and can also be found by clicking the Toolbox and selecting Device Info.