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This website provides information about the ongoing efforts to develop a new set of strategic directions that will guide Clarion University from 2012-2017.  In addition, simultaneous efforts to draft academic, student & university affairs, and finance & administration plans will be outlined below.   Finally, ongoing updates to the university's financial planning under the new "Responsibility Centered Management" model will be provided.

This site will also feature "thought papers" related to university planning.  Covering a variety of issues, these papers share the hopes, concerns, challenges, and opportunities that face Clarion University as the institution works to achieve its strategic goals for 2012-2017.  Papers will become available as they are completed.  Comments on an existing thought paper, or ideas to create additional ones, should be directed to Dr. Todd Pfannestiel, Faculty Fellow for Planning, Assessment, and Improvement, by e-mail at or by telephone to (814) 393-2437.


The Clarion University Council of Trustees unanimously approved new mission, vision and core values statements for the university at their February 16th meeting.  Click here to see the new statements.

In addition, Clarion University has finalized its strategic goals for 2012-2017.  Click here to see the full suite of documents, including updates on our efforts to meet these goals in a variety of ways.


Click here to see information and documents related to Clarion University's budget updates, Responsibility Center Management, performance funding allocations. and other announcements related to the institution's financial planning.


Click here articles and resources related to regional and national trends in college and university planning that help to guide Clarion University's planning efforts.