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Outlook 2011


Microsoft offers online self-paced training for the various components of Office 2011. This training will walk you through the various features that are available in the new version and how to do certain things in the program.

Self-Paced Training: Click here to access the self-paced training for Microsoft Outlook 2011.

What's New in Outlook 2011

Import from Outlook for Windows

The newest version of Outlook for Mac allows users that have been using Outlook on Windows to save all of their information as a .pst file and import it into their Outlook on the Mac.

The Ribbon

Like in the rest of the suite, Outlook 2011 contains the new Ribbon. This customizable feature gives users access to commonly used tools and will adapt to the different areas and programs that are being used.

Organization by Category

Outlook 2011 allows you to categorize your email and keep all of those emails organized. Add colors to these categories to help them stand out more in your inbox. In addition, you can use filters to show just the categories you want to see with one click.

Seamless Mac Integration

Outlook 2011 works with your Mac to allow you to use some of your favorite features. You can use Quick Look to view attachments to emails and because Outlook stores emails and other information as individual items, you can use Time Machine to back up your email.

View All Email in One Location

With Outlook 2011, you can view all of your emails in one place. No more jumping around between multiple email accounts. Simply click on the account you want to view and all its messages will appear.

Organize Messages by Conversation

This feature in Outlook 2011 will allow the users to view their messages in a threaded style instead of by the date that they were sent or received.

View Calendar While Viewing Messages

When you receive an invitation to a meeting, you have to check your schedule or calendar to see if the day and time work for you. With Outlook 2011, you can check your schedule without having to switch back and forth between the message and your calendar.

My Day

This feature in Outlook 2011 shows you an overview of your activities and meetings for the day. Even when you have Outlook 2011 closed, you can still have this feature showing so you can stay on task throughout the day.

Coordinate Multiple Schedules

Wouldn't it be nice if you could share schedules with other people and make it easier to coordinate meetings. Outlook 2011 allows you to share schedules with other people and view their schedules mixed in with yours for easier coordination.

Better HTML Editor

With a better HTML editor, composing professional looking emails has never been easier. In addition to the newer features such as hyperlinks, strikethroughts, highlighting, and signatures, Outlook 2011 allows users to include iPhoto or PhotoBooth photos in their emails easier.

Find Contacts Fast

Outlook 2011 allows for quick searching of your address book , including that of your organization, whether or not you are online.