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OWA: Images no showing in my e-mails:

When trying to view an e-mail with images but nothing shows or message box pops up perform
the following (based on browser) to 'enable' - "Display Mixed Mode".

Internet Explorer:

  1. Select 'Tools', 'Internet Options', 'Security' tab

  2. Click 'Custom Level..." button

  3. Scroll down until you see "Miscellaneous" section

  4. Look for option under "Miscellaneous" called "Display Mixed Content" and check 'Enable'.

  5. Select 'OK'

  6. Select 'OK' again


  1. When you try to read a message with mixed content (i.e. some part of e-mail is encrypted and some is un-encrypted)
    you will see the following message appear:


  2. Leave the checkbox - unchecked

  3. Click 'OK'