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How do I enroll?

Clarion University is committed to offering summer courses and programs to a wide variety of students.  If you are a high school graduate who has been accepted by the university or if you have completed your sophomore year of high school and meet our early admission guidelines, we have a course for you!  Are you a student in good academic standing at another university who wants credits to transfer back to your school?  Do you hold a provisional teaching certificate and need permanent certification?  Are you working towards a master’s degree at Clarion or another institution?  If so, we have a course for you!  Are you an adult with a high school diploma and with a sincere desire to continue your education?  If so, we have a course for you!  

If you haven’t already applied and been accepted by the university, you need to fill out a Summer Session Quick Admit Form.  High school sophomores and juniors who are seeking early admission should contact the Office of Admissions (814-393-2306) or the toll free number (1-800-672-7171).  If you plan to live on campus, you also will need to fill out the Residence Hall Application.

For information, call  
General Information 1-800-841-8975
Residence Life 814-393-2352
Student Accounts 814-393-2253
Venango Campus 814-676-6591
Graduate Studies 814-393-2337
Public Safety (parking) 814-393-2111
Registration 814-393-2229
Admissions 814-393-2306 or
  1-800-672-7171, ext. 1

Clarion University allows undergraduate students to earn up to twelve credits without being officially admitted to the university.  If you’ve already reached the twelve credit limit and want to keep going, you need to seek formal admission by submitting an application for admission, a $30 application fee, all official transcripts and appropriate test scores to the Office of Admissions.

If you’ve attended Clarion in the past but were not enrolled during the 2009 Spring Semester, you need to fill out the Readmit Form or contact the Office of the Registrar, 122 Carrier Administration Building, telephone 814-393-2229.

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Summer Quick Admit Information

Please read before completing the Summer Quick Admit Form

Degree seeking students are to complete a regular admissions application rather than the Summer Quick Admit Form.  The regular admissions application can be found by clicking here.  Admissions personnel are available to discuss the summer quick admit and "regular" admissions process.  The Admissions Office can be contacted by calling 1-800-672-7171, option 1 or emailing

With a quick admit form, a student may complete a total of 12 credits at Clarion University.  Students using quick admit forms are not eligible to receive financial aid to cover the costs of attending classes. 

The Quick Admit Form must be submitted prior to registering for classes.  The Registrar's Office will schedule classes for students.

The Quick Admit Form should NOT be used for ……

  • Currently enrolled degree seeking students.
  • Previously enrolled degree seeking students.  Former students need to complete a Readmit Form. 
    For more information concerning this, please click here.

If you previously applied with a regular application but did not enroll at Clarion University, please contact the Admissions Office at 1-800-672-7171, option 1 or email us at to find out what form you will need to complete.

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