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PowerPoint 2010


Microsoft offers online self-paced training for the various components of Office 2010. This training will walk you through the various features that are available in the new version and how to do certain things in the program.

Self-Paced Training: Click here to access the self-paced training for Microsoft Powerpoint 2010.

What's New in PowerPoint 2010?

Slide Sections

Slides in PowerPoint 2010 can now be grouped into sections for easy organization. You can also print or apply special effects to an entire slide section if you wish.

To create a new slide section, click on the Section button under the Home tab, then click on Add Section. This will add a new section to the slide sorter. You can then right-click on the section title to rename or remove it. Slides can be added to a section by dragging them to the section header in the slide sorter.

Changes to Audio & Video

Audio and video files are now embedded into your presentation when you insert them, which means you won't need to worry about these files not tagging along when you move your presentation from one place to another.

PowerPoint 2010 also adds the ability to edit/trim video and audio directly.

Broadcast your Presentation to the Web

PowerPoint 2010 can now broadcast your presentation to web while you are delivering it. To accomplish this, go to the Slide Show tab and click on Broadcast Slide Show. This will walk you through broadcasting your presentation. You must sign in with a Windows Live ID first, and then PowerPoint will provide you with a link to send to web attendees. Slides will automatically advance as you deliver the presentation.


Remove Image Backgrounds

PowerPoint now offers the ability to automatically remove backgrounds from certain images, letting you highlight the most important part of your graphics. To do this, select the image you want to modify and click on the Remove Background from the Picture Tools Format tab. Drag the box that appears on your image to the edges of the area you want to keep. When the part of the picture that you want to keep is highlighted, click on the Keep Changes button in the toolbar to apply the settings.

You can also add mark multiple parts of the image as sections you would like to add or remove by clicking the appropriate buttons on the toolbar. Then click on Keep Changes when you are finished.

New Themes, Slide Transitions, and more!
PowerPoint 2010 contains dozens of new slide themes, new transition effects, and animations.
To choose a template for your presentation, click on the Design tab and choose one of the many built-in themes available. For even more themes, go to
Slide Transitions can be applied under the Transitions tab. Choose the transition you want from the list to apply it to the current slide. You can also use the Apply To All button to apply that transition to all slides in your presentation.