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Excel 2010


Microsoft offers online self-paced training for the various components of Office 2010. This training will walk you through the various features that are available in the new version and how to do certain things in the program.

Self-Paced Training: Click here to access the self-paced training for Microsoft Excel 2010.

What's New in Excel 2010?

PowerPivot for Excel 2010, a free add-in available for download, provides calculations of sets of hundreds of millions of rows of data from multiple sources at lightning speed.In Excel 2010,

Sparklines save on-screen real estate by charting trends in a single cell right next to the corresponding data. New conditional formatting options support greater insights with increased icon set flexibility, enhanced data bar length, gradient fills with borders, and more

New Slicers: can dynamically filter data in a PivotTable view or PivotChart view and display only the relevant details so that even people in your organization who are not familiar with PivotTables can manipulate the data.

New statistical functions: the function library in Excel improved in Excel 2010. Accuracy of functions improved, consistency improved with Excel's function names and definitions with 50 new functions, and a new functions user interface was added. New algorithms were implemented to improve the accuracy of our statistical, financial and math functions.

Excel Services: now gives you the ability to load more workbooks and supports Excel 2010 features, including Sparklines and Slicers, and PowerPivot for SharePoint. Your users can take advantage of PowerShell administration and more Web services APIs.