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Recording Audio

The Record Audio feature is available in the News, Discussions, and Dropbox areas. This feature allows the user to attach an audio file their posts. Please note that the file is saved as a .wav file. Students will need to have software that will open audio files such as iTunes or Windows Media Player.

Adding Audio

Note: You will need to have a headset or some type of microphone to record your audio. The LTC has headsets that can be checked out to faculty.

For the purpose of this documentation, all pictures and instructions are from the News area. The steps are identical once you have added the news item, new discussion message, or new dropbox.

1. Log in to D2L. Select the course you want to place an audio recording in.

2. Click the green plus sign to add a new News item.


3. Give the news item a headline and place text based information in the content area. Click Record Audio.

Note: Before recording audio, please check the Flash settings.







Make sure your Flash settings are set as those pictured above. Please note that if you are using a webcam with a built in microphone, the last setting will be different. After checking all your settings, click close.

4. Once your Flash settings are correct, click on Record.


5. As you record, you will see little blue bars indicating your volume. Press play to preview your recording.


6. After you finish recording, you can either click clear to remove your recording or click add to attach it.


7. Click Save.

Note: Students will have to download the file by clicking on the link displayed. The file will open in a media player such as iTunes or Windows Media Player.