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Entourage: How to send/receive e-mails

Entourage updates/syncs your email folders and your calendar every time you Log-In.
While it is doing this update, you are able to open and read email, send/reply/forward emails,
check your calendar - remember, not everything will be current' until the update is finished.

Entourage is also configured to automatically check for New Incoming Email every 10 minutes
once you have logged in. If you would like to check more frequently than every 10 minutes,
you can do it manually OR you can edit the existing Send & Receive schedule to check
automatically on a more frequent basis.


  • To check e-mail manually (sooner than the default 10 minutes)

    • Click on the Send & Receive icon in the Toolbar at the top
      to perform a send and receive for all email accounts.

  • To change when Entourage automatically does a send/receive (10 minutes default)

    1. Go to Tools menu -> Schedules

    2. A Schedules dialog window opens

    3. Click the Edit icon

    4. A Edit Schedule window will open

    5. In the "When" section:

      • Repeating Schedule

      • Every field - specify a time (this is where you shorten the time between updates)

      • Minutes

      • Check the box Only if connected.In the "Action" section:

    6. In the "Action" section:

      • Send All

      • Check the radio button Stay connected

      • Check the box Enabled.

    7. Click the "Ok" button

    8. Close the window

      • Send All

      • Check the radio button Stay connected

      • Check the box Enabled