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Workshops are held in the Learning and Technology Center computer lab in 103 Still Hall . Each semester workshops are announced through the ALL-L listserv via the LTC Newsletter. LTC workshops are intended for faculty and staff only.

Desire2Learn (D2L)

Desire2Learn: Intro to the Learning Management System
D2L What's New
D2L Quizzes

D2L Content Management
D2L Assignment Management (Dropbox)
D2L Grades Tool
Help Your Students Stay on Track
D2L Course Customization
D2L Wikis & Blogs
Online Communication and Collaboration
Turnitin and Grademark Software in D2L
Wikis in D2L
Journal / Blogs in D2L
Blackboard Collaborate virtual Classroom
Creating a Banner for the Web

Smart Classrooms

Smart Classrooms Demo

Microsoft PowerPoint

PowerPoint I (Intro)
PowerPoint II (Narration)


TurningPoint Intro (Clickers)
Digital Imaging

Desire2Learn: Intro to  the Learning Management System (W47-D2L)

This workshop is designed to offer an introduction to Clarion University's online learning environment, Desire2Learn. Participants will be introduced to the tools and capabilities of the system. This is a must for new faculty or anyone who wants to know more about the D2L learning environment. The workshop will address D2L's most commonly used features such as News, managing content, Classlist, Discussions, Dropbox, Grades, Quizzes and Edit Course options. Everything you need to get started!

Desire2Learn: What's New in D2L 10.2 (W01-D2L)

If you missed the earlier sessions on D2L 10.2 - What’s New and D2L10 overview, no worries.  Start your semester off right with a preview of the new format and functionality changes including Contebt, and Discussions. You will have time to work with your spring course content. If desired, bring a graphic to setup a custom course homepage. Preview What's New in 10.2.

Quizzes in D2L (W48-D2L)

Understanding D2L Question Libraries and Random Sections:

Do you use online quizzes in your F2F or online classes? Come to this session to learn how to create a quiz that pulls random questions from your Question library to help curb cheating. Learn to troubleshoot quiz submission/auto grade issues and understand the D2L quiz settings.

Jumpstart Classroom Communication (W49-D2L)

In this workshop you will learn about the different communication tools within D2L and explore icebreaker ideas. We will cover the Discussion Board feature, setup and view options, creating groups, and assessment. In addition, we will discuss chat sessions, ice breakers, best practices, and more. Bring your favorite icebreaker or just come for ideas!

D2L Content Management (W53-D2L)

In this workshop you will learn different ways to manage your content within D2L. We will share and discuss ideas on how to organize course documents and topics (items) in your content area. In addition, we will go over adding files and linking to your other content area items (quizzes, discussion boards, etc.).

Assessment Tools and Feedback (W50-D2L)

D2L integrates several tools for you to collect and assess student work as well as provide valuable feedback. This hands-on workshop will provide advice on which tools are most appropriate for your teaching goals and will show you how to set them up in your course. Tools covered in this workshop will include Dropbox/Turnitin, Grades area feedback.

D2L Grades Tool (W51-D2L)

What do all those checkboxes and view tabs mean? Why can’t I see the total semester points? Start the semester off right by getting all your gradebook setup questions answered now!

This session will cover all the details of D2Ls gradebook feature so you can set up your gradebook the way you want for the semester. We will look at what the views mean, grade schemes,  what the student sees, how to show students their current grade without “releasing” the grade, dropping scores, and creating bonus items, and a variety of nuances that the LTC takes calls on at the end of the semester.

Help Your Students Stay on Track (W54-D2L)

D2L offers a variety of communication tools to help you keep your students on track in your course. In this hands-on workshop, we'll help you decide which tools to use in support of your course, and show you how to set them up. This workshop will address the following questions: What's the best way to make announcements in D2L? Can I add assignments to my course Calendar? When is it useful to use the Checklist feature? How do I use the "conditional release" feature? And what are" Intelligent Agents"?

D2L Course Customization (W56-D2L)

In this workshop you will learn how to customize your course homepages, create custom widgets, change colors, font, and how to create and add a banner to your course. In addition, we will go over using Release Conditions and the use of Intelligent Agents to help automate and tailor your course to individual students.

D2L Wikis & Blogs (W55-D2L)

In this workshop you will learn how to create and manage Wikis and Blogs from within D2L.

Online Communication and Collaboration (W13-OC)

Engaging students in an online course can be challenging. Research supports the need for meaningful interaction and communication among students and the instructor in an online course. Online discussions, as well as other tools, can also enhance and extend your in-class course. Attend this workshop to learn how you can use a variety of tools to foster a collaborative learning experience for your students.


Turnitin and Grademark Anti-Plagiarism Tools in D2L (W31)

Working with Turnitin – the plagiarism detection tool - and Dropbox:

Now fully integrated with D2L, this session will help you understand what Turnitin is and how it works. Learn how to interpret the originality report, exclude sources from a report, and allow students to view the originality report. Now you can score and leave feedback right in Turnitin and use that score with D2L grades area.

Wikis in D2L (W30)

Not familiar with a Wiki? Learning Objects - Campus Pack Wiki is a D2L building block which promotes collaborative learning. The Wiki feature makes it easy for groups to create and jointly edit shared web pages. In addition to editing content, users can provide feedback and comments on posted material. Instructors can use Wikis to incorporate problem-based learning strategies into their courses. In this hands-on session participants will learn what a Wiki is, how to set-up a wiki in D2L, and how it can be used to allow students to collaboratively work on team projects.

Journal / Blogs in D2L (W34)

Learning Objects - Campus Pack Journals and Blog give instructors and students the tools to create rich media journals within a course and provides the classroom community a forum to reflect on course- related topics, projects, thoughts, and ideas. Using a blog for group or course-wide blogging fosters lively discussion of course topics and concepts. When engaged in written debate, students are motivated to sharpen their critical-thinking and rhetorical skills. Journals are excellent tools for student reflection and are private between instructor and each individual student.

Blackboard Collaborate Classroom in D2L (W37)

Blackboard Collaborate is the online, real time, anytime web conferencing tool selected and used by all PASSHE universities.  Come to a Blackboard Collaborate Essentials or Advanced workshop to learn how to create a classroom, upload content and record a session and create activities that will engage your online students.

Creating a Banner for the Web (W03-CB)

Need a course banner for your web-page or D2L course site? This workshop shows you how to create a simple web-ready banner using Microsoft PowerPoint. The banner includes a background, course title and clip art.

Smart Classrooms Demo (W02-SC)

This demonstration will introduce you to the "smart classroom" technology available in a number of classrooms across campus. Depending on the specific equipment available, the Sympodium, Smart Cart and/or interactive whiteboard (Smart Board) will be demonstrated at this workshop. Learn to control your applications directly from the board's touch-sensitive surface, write notes over your applications in electronic ink and save or print your notes. The Learning and Technology Center staff is also available for one-on-one sessions with faculty for additional training on the pedagogical uses of the smart classroom tools. To schedule an individual appointment, please contact Darla Ausel at x1848 or submit a request form.

PowerPoint I (Intro) (W42)

PowerPoint can be an effective tool in preparing materials that enable you to present information more effectively to your students or used by your students to demonstrate competence in the content area. This workshop will provide experiences in designing presentations as a:

resource to supplement classroom lectures

tool including hyperlinks to other slides or web-sites

version for use on web or in your D2L course

PowerPoint II (Narration) (W43)

This workshop focuses on using narration to supplement PowerPoint presentations.  Audio can be combined with images or text to provide a powerful learning tool.  This workshop will also include uploading your narrated PowerPoint presentations to D2L using iSpring software.

*Prerequisite: PowerPoint I workshop or demonstrated experience in using PowerPoint

Clickers in the Classroom (W40)

Find out all that you need to know for a successful semester. Answer these important questions at this session. How do I setup my class online? What information do I need to give my students?  What is my goal for using clickers? How will I use the data? Where will I save it? How do I view/interpret the data?  Can I import the data into my D2L gradebook?  


Digital Imaging for the Web (W14-DI)

Digital Imaging is a workshop on optimizing digital images for the Web, PowerPoint presentations, or other documents. You will learn the importance of file size and resolution, how to compress images in PowerPoint, and how to scan images for the web. This is a workshop for faculty; seats available for staff if the workshop is not full.

For more information or to request group training, contact Darla Ausel (x1848).