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Concentration in Community Services


The Community Services Concentration

The Community Services concentration within the Liberal Studies Baccalaureate degree is designed to meet a variety of student needs.  Having a transdiciplinary orientation, combining rehabilitation, psychology and sociology, the program allows students to select courses from these disciplines based upon specific interests and future career goals.  Those who have an interest in human services, sociology, or psychology but have not targeted a specific post-graduate outcome would also benefit from the interdisciplinary approach of the concentration.  This concentration targets students who seek work in a variety of community agencies after graduation, or who want to continues their education with graduate study.

Requirements for Concentration - 24 Credits

Introductory Component Required Courses (3 Credits)        Upper Level Courses (9 Credits)

     REHB  126:  Inrto to Human Services                                                 PSY  321:  Adolescent Psychology
                            OR                                                                           PSY  325:  Community Psychology
     SW    211:  Principles of Social Work                                                 PSY  331:  Child Psychology
                                                                                                            PSY  354:  Abnormal Psychology
                                                                                                            PSY  467:  Gerontological Psychology
                                                                                                            PSY  471:  Intro to Clinical Child
                                                                                                            SOC  315:  Social Welfare
                                                                                                            SOC  351:  Contemporary Social Problems
                                                                                                            SW    350:  Gerontology Social Work Practices
                                                                                                            SW    354:  Speech Topics in Social Work
                                                                                                            REHB 405:  Substance Abuse
                                                                                                            REHB 410:  Prev & Treat Strategies in Sub Abuse
                                                                                                            REHB 460:  Models of Human Serv Delivery Sys

Diversity Component Required (3 Credits - at least one)                                         

    PSY  220:  Human Sexuality
    PSY  300:  Multicultural Psychology
    PSY  340:  Psychology of Women
    SOC  311:  Social Stratification
    SOC  362:  Race and Ethnic Relations
    SOC  452:  Sex, Gender, and Socialization

Lower Level Courses (Choose at least 6 credits)

    REHB  126:  Introduction into Human Services
    SPED  128:  High Incidence Exceptionalities
    SPED  129:  Low Incidence Exceptionalities
    SPED  211:  Principles of Social Work
    SW     225:  Social Work with Children and Youth
    PSY    122:  Drugs, Behavior and Society