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Microsoft Exchange on Android Phone



Note: Instructions for your device may vary slightly. Please be very careful
           with your typing. A single typo may cause your device to not connect.
           The following steps were taken from a Droid X - Android phone.

  1. Click on 'Settings'

  2. Click 'Accounts'

  3. Click 'Add account'

  4. Select 'Corporate Sync'

  5. For "Domain\Username:" type: (example: CLARION\fmlastname)

  6. For "Domain" type:  CLARION

  7. For "Password" type your password

  8. Make sure "User Secure Connection" is checked

  9. For "Email address" type: (example:

  10. For "Server:" type:

  11. Click 'Next'
    Note:  You should see a message "adding your Corporate Sync account..."

  12. When prompted with message stating "Error adding account"
    "The certificate from the server is not validated..."  click the 'Disable Verification' button.

  13. Click 'Done'
    Note:  You should see a 'Success!' message

Special Note:  By default (Email, Contacts, and Calendar) are checked and set to sync
                          with your Exchange account.