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Entourage 2004: How to Configure



  1. Open Entourage 2004

    • If this is the first time Entourage was opened, the Entourage Setup
      Assistant will automatically launch

    • Select I want to start using Entourage without importing anything

    • Click the right arrow and skip to step 5 below

  2. Go to the Enourage menu and select 'Account Settings....'

  3. Click 'Exchange'

  4. Click 'New'

  5. In the E-mail address: box, type your email address. Your email address is

  6. Place a check mark next to My account is on an Exchange server.

  7. Do the following:

    • Type _____________________________ in the User ID: box.

    • Type _____________________________ in the Domain: box.

    • Type your password in the Password: box.

  8. Click the right arrow.

  9. You will see a message that says, "Entourage cannot auto-detect
    your account settings
    ." Click the Skip Auto-Detect button

  10. Do the following:

    • Make sure your full name appears in the box labeled 'Your name:"

    • Make sure your email address appears in the box labeled "E-mail Address:
      Your e-mail address is:

    • Make sure your ________________appears in the Account ID: box.

    • Your password is in the Password: box. It appears as dots

    • Make sure _____________________________is in the Domain: box.

    • In the Exchange server: box, type the following:________________________

    • Type:______________________in the box labeled 'LDAP server:'.

    • Place a check mark next to Use SSL for these servers.

  11. Click the right arrow.

  12. Click "Verify My Settings"

  13. When the verification process is done, the last line says, "Your
    account settings have been successfully verified

  14. Click the right arrow

  15. Type your name in Account name: box

  16. Click Finish.

To configure Entourage so your Exchange account is the default, do the following:

  1. Go to the Entourage menu and select Account Settings....
  2. Make sure your Exchange account is bold; this indicates it is the default.
  3. If your Exchange account is not bold, select your Exchange account and click 'Make Default'
  4. Your Exchange account appears in bold once it is set as the default.