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OWA: Default/Light interface Options


Outlook Web App (OWA) provides two distinctly different interfaces, Default or Light,
depending on the version number of the browser you use to access it.

The default interface comes closest to replicating the actual Microsoft Office Outlook
experience, with some right-click functionality and access to the full feature set.  You receive
the default interface when you are using Internet Explorer 7 and above, FireFox 3 and above,
Safari 3 and above on a Mac, and Google Chrome 5 and above.

Features present in the default login interface:
(The following are default features of OWA that are not present in Light)

* The Tasks module
* Task-specific properties: Only the text of the task items can be read through OWA Light.
* Reminders
* HTML composing of messages: OWA Light users get only plain text textboxes with
   no editing or formatting options.
* Flags and Categories
* Monthly or weekly view in Calendar: OWA Light shows the daily view only.
* Free/Busy grid in Appointment/Meeting Scheduling Assistant: OWA Light users get
   only "Suggested Times".
* Print
* Spell Check
* Conversation View
* Account Quota information
* Recover Deleted Items
* Add/edit distribution lists
* Public Folder access
* S/MIME features
* Add/edit rules

You receive the Light interface when you are not using one of the browsers or browser versions
listed in the default interface section above, or you have enabled the "Blind and low vision
" option in OWA.

Another view of the differences and features of each interface login click here.

Below is some additional information on the 'Light' version interface option:

The light version of Outlook Web App is optimized for accessibility, such as for users who are
blind or have low vision. The light version provides fewer features and is faster for some operations.
You may want to use the light version if you're on a slow connection or using a computer with
unusually strict browser security settings. The light version can be used with almost any browser
and has the same features across all browsers.

For information about how to use the light version, see Accessibility for Blind and Low Vision Users.

What else do I need to know?

    **Check your Web browser's options to verify the following settings to have the best experience using
       Outlook Web App:
               - Enable session cookies. Session cookies are deleted at the end of the browser session.
               - Enable JavaScript.
               - Check pop-up blocker settings. Pop-up blocker settings in your Web browser or in an add-on
                  pop-up blocker may prevent Outlook Web App from working as expected.