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OWA Login Page




Outlook Web App login page offers some options that are explained below.  When logging
in please pay special attention to these as each offers a unique and special feature.


When you get to the login page for the Outlook Web App you have a couple of security choices in
the way you login.

* The default OWA interface assumes that "This is a public or shared computer"
Be sure to sign out when you are finished and close all windows to end your session.

* If you choose the other option: "This is a private computer" be aware that the server will allow a
longer period of inactivity before signing you out.

When you are at the login window above, if you put a check mark where it says
"Use the light version of Outook Web App", you will not have the same functionality. The light version
has fewer features but works well if you have a slow connection or if your browser has strict security settings. 

Don't worry if you put a check mark to use the light version and find out that you don't like it; simply
Log out from the upper right-hand corner. Then log back in without putting a check mark next to
"Use the light version".

To find out more about the differences between the default OWA and the (Light) version click here.

To Login to OWA:

     1. To login, select the appropriate security type (Public/Shared computer or Private computer) then select
          the check box for 'light version' if you so desire but in most cases leave this check box 'unchecked'.
     2. Type in your username in the e-mail address field (this is the same as your MyClarion username
     3. Type in your password in the password field (this is the same as your MyClarion password
     4. Click the 'Sign in' button