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Intelligent Agents

Intelligent Agents

What is an intelligent agent? An Intelligent Agent monitors activity that matches criteria that you set. It can monitor login activity and release conditions within D2L. It can serve as an early warning notification or as a positive feedback notification.

What are the uses? Intelligent Agents are used to:
• email users with grades below a certain level
• check for users that have not logged in within a specific number of days
• check for users that viewed a specific content topic

1. Log into D2L and choose your course.

2. In the navbar at the top of the page, click the Edit Course link (far right).

3. Click on Intelligent Agents.


4. Click on New Agent.


5. Creating an Intelligent Agent based on Login Criteria

6. Create an Automatic Email notification based on login criteria you set. Name the agent and select the number of days. Place a checkmark by the status to enable the agent and also by the login activity.


7. Create a customized message to students who meet the criteria you set.


If you, the instructor, add your own email address to the CC: or Bcc: field, you will get a copy of each message sent to each student and therefore know who the message was sent to. You will receive a message when the agent runs and where action was taken (messages sent to students.) If no students meet the criteria, there will be no messages sent.

8. Creating an Intelligent Agent based on Release Conditions.

Create a new agent and scroll down to the area entitled Release Conditions. Select Create and Attach.


9. Use the drop down to select the condition type. For this condition we are using Grade Value on a Grade Item. Then use the drop-down to select the grade item for example, Quiz 3.


10. Criteria Options and Grade Options
Choose the criteria:
• < = Less than or equal to
• < Less than
• > = Greater than or equal to
• > Greater than
Choose the grade percentage.



To remove the condition, click on the small trash can.

11. Setting the Schedule

Checkmark Use Schedule. Click on Update Schedule.


Choose your setting in the Update Schedule area and then click update.


The schedule determines how often the agent's criteria is evaluated and how often action is taken.

12. Replace Strings
Use the link to inset replacement strings in the message. Click save, at the bottom of the screen.


13. Click back to Agent List at the top of the screen.


The little red symbol indicates that the agent is not enabled. To enable the agent, simply click on the agent and scroll down and checkmark Agent is Enabled.


After an agent runs, the instructor receives an email that confirms the agent ran and indicated where action was taken. If no students met the criteria, action taken would be No.