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Setting Up The Grades Area

Grades Setup Wizard | Points Grade | Creating Grade Schemes

Grades Setup Wizard

1. Log into D2L and enter your course.

2. In the navbar at the top of the page, click the assessments link and select “grades.”


3. If a gradebook has not already been set up or imported for your course, you should see the Grades Setup Wizard when you enter the Grades tool. If a different area of the Grades tool displays by default, you can access the Grades Setup Wizard by clicking the link at the top of the page, or "Settings" in the upper right potion of the page. 



4. Follow the directions in the wizard to set up your desired gradebook settings, including grading system, final grade release, grading scheme, and view display options.

Points Grade

1. Go to the Grades Area.

2. Click on settings on the upper right side of the page


3. You will be on the personal display options screen. Put a check mark in the box next to points grade and other display options as desired. Grade scheme symbol shows the percent grade and grade scheme color makes it easy to see student scores which may be borderline passing. These "Personal Display Options" are the instructor's preferences - or "Managing View" - what the instructor will see in the "Enter Grades" view (Assessments > Grades > Enter Grades).

4. Click Save.


5. What a student sees in a course Grades area is set in the Org Unit Display Options tab. By default the Points grade, Grade scheme symbol (percent) and Grade scheme color are already enabled. Students will see their earned points/out of points for each grade item, and the percent. They will not see the overall semester points and percent unless you release the "Final Calculated Grade."

6. Click Save.