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venango honors

The Venango College of Clarion University Honors Program presents associate and bachelor’s degree-seeking students an opportunity to expand their intellectual and creative curiosities through enriched exploration of course content and co-curricular experiences.

The unique Honors experience allows students to collaborate one-on-one with accomplished faculty, studying conventional course content in greater depth and breadth. Complementing the coursework is a vibrant co-curricular program designed to enhance the academic experience and create a cohesive Honors student community. Designated honors courses, similar to those offered at the Clarion campus, may also be taken.

Capitalizing on the campus’ small college environment and the faculty’s commitment to student learning, Venango College is uniquely positioned to offer students a challenging, thought-provoking, and rewarding Honors experience. Students must complete contracted Honors courses, acquire a set number of participation hours in the co-curricular program, and maintain a minimum QPA of 3.4. Once all requirements have been met, students will be eligible to graduate “with honors,” a designation reflected on their transcripts and recognized formally at graduation.


Venango College Honors Program Outcomes

  1. Students graduating from the Venango Honors Program will integrate and apply their learning.

  2. Students graduating from the Venango Honors Program will demonstrate their critical thinking skills.

  3. Students graduating from the Venango Honors Program will develop in their global perspective as it relates to their field of study through participation in various Honors Co-Curricular activities.