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Wellness Programs

Wellness Workshops

The Office of Health Promotions, located in the Keeling Health Center, focuses on delivering health and wellness information to students across the campus. Throughout the fall and spring semesters, programs such as the Stay Healthy Series and Wellness Wednesday's promote healthy choices and healthy living to students. Health-related questions are encouraged, and information is available for students to take with them. Topics include women's health, safe sex/STDs, birth control options, breast cancer, tobacco, alcohol awareness, mental wellness, and nutrition/exercise.

Fall/Spring Fitness

Fall and Spring into Fitness sessions are held weekly throughout the academic year and take place at the Student Recreation Center.  The primary goals of these sessions are to promote fitness and social interactions among students.  Each week students participate in a sport or team-related activity.  At the end of the session, students choose the activity for the following week. Activities include volleyball, basketball, dodge ball, soccer, football, and tennis.  If interested, please send an email to